Creamy Indian Style Tomato Pasta

Creamy Indian Style Tomato Pasta



In a large handi, take prepared tomatoes, pumpkin, green chilli, ginger, garlic, salt and water, set handi on flame.



Make a potli of the whole garam masalas and add to the handi.


Keep a palta to stir at the base of the handi, tomatoes, can stick to the base and result in burnt gravy.


Keep the above in mind and stir occasionally.


Cook till the skins of the tomato separate from the pulp and pumpkin softens and starts to mash.


Remove the masala potli and pulverize the rest of the contents of the handi.


Return the pulverized contents to the handi and again set on a medium flame.


Take a part of the butter and heat it in a pan to melt it.
To the heated butter add the red chilli powder (mixed with water), do not heat for long, chillies will burn off just give a stir or two and add to the handi with simmering contents.


Add the remaining blocks of butter and let it slowly melt and emulsify with the simmering gravy.


Cook till gravy coats the palta, adjust sourness of tomatoes with required amount of honey.


Boil any pasta as per the standard procedure and serve on the plate with the spoon full of gravy or sauce on top of it.


  • Tomato 250gms
  • Red pumpkin 250gms
  • Chilli green 4gms
  • Ginger Paste 5gms
  • Garlic Paste 5gms
  • Keya Salt 10gms 
  • Water 20gms
  • 1gms Keya Cardamom 
  • 1gms Keya Cinnamon 
  • Bay leaf 1gms
  • Butter 50gms
  • Red chilli powder 5gms
  • Honey 5gms used to balance sour taste of tomatoes.
  • Boiled Pasta 400gms
  • Keya Pasta Seasoning 15gms 

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