Creamy Spinach and Corn Polenta

Creamy Spinach and Corn Polenta



Take polenta in a pan and add milk to it.



Put the fire on medium low heat and keep on stirring with a wooden ladle.


Cook till the grains become soft now add chopped spinach and corns


To finish put the polenta in a pan and put butter and milk again, heat for a while and add garma masala, all purpose seasoning and mix it well.


Season and serve.


  • 300gms polenta
  • 50gms butter
  • Crushed Pepper
  • 15gms Keya Salt 
  • 200gms chopped spinach
  • 200gms boiled american corn
  • 400gms milk
  • 15gms Keya Garam Masala 
  • 5gms Keya All Purpose Seasoning 

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