Shammi Shikampuri Kebab

Shammi Shikampuri Kebab



Boil lamb, boil lamb, channa dal in the lamb stock and all whole spices for about 1 hour till lamb gets tender Strain the lamb and throw all the whole spices.



Now mince the lamb to make a fine paste and add garam masala powder, egg and rub nicely.


Cover it with a damp cloth and keep it aside.


For stuffing mix in all other ingredients leaving clarified butter.


Now divide the lamb mixture into balls of 60 gms each.


Now stuff with the above mixture and it like a gallette.


Pan-fry it in clarified butter on a slow flame.


  • Lamb boneless 1 kg
  • Channa dal ( yellow lentil) 150g
  • Bay leaf 2g
  • Keya Clove 2g 
  • Keya Green Cardamom 3g 
  • Keya Black Peppercorn 15g 
  • Ginger Paste 30g
  • Garlic Paste 30g
  • Deghi mirch powder 60g
  • Turmeric 10g
  • Keya Salt 20g 
  • Hung curd 300g
  • Chopped onions 200g
  • Chopped green chilli 25g
  • Keya Mint 25g 
  • Clarified butter 300g
  • Eggs 2 no
  • Keya Garam Masala Powder 5g 
  • Oil for frying 2000 ml
  • Lamb stock 4000 ml

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