Twisted Mexican Bread Sticks

Twisted Mexican Bread Sticks



Make dough by mixing all the Ingredients together.



Keep the dough in a flat tray and rest in the deep till the dough is firm.


Portion out the dough and roll by hand to the desired thickness.


Prove and bake at 200°C for 12-15 mins.


Enjoy the mexican bread sticks with Italian seasoning sprinkled on top of it.


  • 1000 gms refined flour
  • 40 gms yeast
  • 20 gms chopped Green chilly
  • 30 Gms Keya Mexican Seasoning 
  • 50 gms milk powder
  • 50 gms sugar
  • 500 ltr water
  • 5 gms Keya Salt 
  • 25 gms butter(melted)
  • 15 gms Keya Italian Seasoning 

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