KEYA Combo of Oregano (9 G), Mixed Herbs (20 G) and Red Chilli Flakes (40 G) - Pack of 3

298.00 249.00 (Inclusive of all Taxes)

Keya combo of freeze-dried Oregano, Red Chilli flakes and Mixed Herbs. This combo is made up of products which are most loved and known for their premium quality and freshness. 


  1. Freeze dried technology gives you 3X more aroma compared to Air dried herbs
  2. Handpicked and manually sorted fresh herbs stored in a moisture resistant glass bottle ensure sustained premium quality
  3. No added preservatives
  4. Exclusive Hot Red Chilli Flakes from Guntur
  5. Chilli flakes can be used while cooking or can be sprinkled on top. They are widely used in Indian, Mexican, Thai and Italian cuisine. Keya brings you 100% natural, organically grown condiments to spice up your meal
        Shelf Life:  24 Months. 


          <p>Keya Oregano gives authentic taste to fresh-tasting recipes including Pasta, Pizza, Italian Salads, Sauces, Risotto, and Roasts.</p> <p>Keya Mixed Herbs is used for flavouring Rotisserie chicken, stir fried vegetables, pastas, marinades, dressings, and salad toppings.It acts as an anti-oxidant & antiseptic.</p> <p>Keya Red Chilli Flakes can be widely used in Indian, Mexican, Thai and Italian cuisine. These are exclusive Hot Red Chilli Flakes from Guntur. Can be used in Savoury Food, including Stews, Creamy Sauces, Pastas, Pizzas, Salads, etc.</p> <p><b>Storage Conditions</p></b> <p>1. Store in a cool and dry place</p> <p>2. Once Open Refrigerate (Below 18C)</p>


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