Keya Goan Prawn Pickle, 270g

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  • Inspired from the traditional Goan Prawn Curry recipe, Keya’s expert chefs have made the Goan Prawn pickle to deliver a unique and delightful experience to thousands of seafood lovers.
  • The Goan Prawn pickle contains 40% of delectable prawn pieces by weight .
  • Salt content less than 4%.
  • Can be enjoyed with Rotis, Parathas, Pulaos, and Rice etc.
  • Always retain oil layer on above the prawn pieces. Use a dry and clean spoon. Close the lid properly after use.

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KEYA’s Goan Prawn Pickle is a must try for all the seafood lovers out there, especially those who love to eat Prawns. Created by the expert chefs, the Goan prawn pickle has traditional Goan spices with the catch of the Arabian Sea and blended to perfection with the freshest and the juiciest of the handpicked Prawns. This pickle can spice up your every meal. Enjoy your regular Rotis, Parathas, Pulao, rice or an interesting chutney sandwich with our delicious and mouthwatering Prawn Pickle


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