An Era Gone By

Let’s go back in time. A time when cooking food was an expression of love, not a ritual. A time when people devoted hours using khada masala to get the right flavours. A time when family would dine together and share a good laugh. A time when food was a symbol of affection and khada masala gave it character.

A glimpse into
the past

India’s spice potential has been highly sought after since ancient times. It attracted an array of traders and invaders: the Arabs, the Dutch, the Portuguese, the British, among many others. The trade was long dominated by the Arabs. They would source spices from India and supply to the west. Fanciful stories were developed around the dangers involved in sourcing these spices to keep competition away.

Khada Masala means
full flavour

Spices owe their flavor and aroma characteristics to the amount of volatile oils present inside them. These oils are hampered during grinding. Grinding machines in companies generate a lot of heat which causes these oils to evaporate. This leads to deteriorated color, aroma and flavor compared to Khada Masala.

Spice is our

Spice is deep rooted in our culture. It is what we have seen since childhood.  Our experience helps us deliver the finest quality of khada masala to you.

Redefining Modern Cooking

In today’s turbulent world, people are relying on shortcuts. Powdered masala is being used to prepare a meal even though it lacks the magical aroma and flavours of khada masala. We, at Keya, wish to change this sad reality. We are offering spice mixes with khada masala that will help you relish the richness of whole spices with the convenience of using regular powdered masala.


Premium Quality

Our customers deserve only the best. We go to great heights to ensure that. Our ingredients are handpicked in the right proportions by expert chefs. They are blended gently and ground to perfection. Utmost care is taken to ensure that each unit brings out the true taste of the dish being prepared.

Authentic Masala

Grinding process hampers the quality of spices. We, at Keya, provide you spices in coarse and whole form. This limits the duration of grinding which enables outer skin of the spice to lock volatile oils inside. This will help you savour true flavours of the masala at the time of cooking.